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What is LeaseSmart?

LeaseSmart is a mobile application designed to calculate your monthly payments for your leased or financed vehicle.

Who is the tool designed for?

The application is originally designed for all consumers, who don’t need to be financial experts to calculate their monthly car lease payments. But the tool can be used by professional dealers as well.

How does the application work?

In order to calculate your monthly car lease or finance payments you just need to supply the following variables into the formula: MSRP, Negotiated Price, Rebates, Down Payment, Tax Rate, Money Factor, Residual Value, Lease Term and Related Fees.

How do I know the meaning of the variables?

A detailed definition of every category used in the formula is provided in “Help” section in the application.

Where can I download the application?

LeaseSmart is available for download at Android Market and iTunes. You can also download the application here.

Can I run LeaseSmart on my iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

Yes, LeaseSmart application is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Is this application compatible with mobile phones?

Yes. LeaseSmart is compatible with all mobile phones with Android OS and iPhone.

Do I need internet connection to use the application?

No. LeaseSmart calculator does not require internet connection, unless you want to visit our company’s website or affiliate websites.